Who We Are!

The team at GraceSong recognizes that caregivers require a special kind of grace, full of understanding and encouragement to help them on their journey. Caregiving is a special calling that requires one to focus on the needs of someone who cannot care for themselves. The laser focus we place on the needs of our patient depletes our emotional energy and leaves us burned out if we are not careful.  

Our goal is to help prevent you, the caregiver, from becoming burned out.

Our Founder

Joanne Bracewell

Joanne uses the arts to bring women of all ages to the foot of Calvary’s cross where they will receive healing, forgiveness, and mercy for a broken spirit and a hurting heart. Through the arts, she communicates to women that there is hope and healing, joy and fulfillment in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Meet Our Team

Founder & President



  1. Couldn’t carry a tune until started piano lessons about age 8.
  2. Age 9 sang “O Holy Night” at Camp of the Woods to an audience of 200.
  3. Sophomore year in High School chosen to be part of the Madrigal Singers and in Concert Choir.
  4. 1975; Senior year in High School, All State Choir, Voice lessons Joan Apel “Belle canto” technique.
  1. Cast as a member of the acting chorus of an exchange operetta by Ravel. Performed at Woolsey Hall, Yale University School of Music and Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut School of Music
  2. 1976 Took Private voice as an elective while a student at University of Bridgeport
  3. 1983 Community production of “Yankee Doodle Dandy” Coconut Creek Players, Ft. Lauderdale cast as the Narrator/soloist
  4. Church Soloist ad lib between children.
  5. 1985-1990 Clown, Mother Goose Storyteller, Singing telegrams. Employed part – time for “Fun Food for Kids” a party packager in Miami. Highlight was being flown to the Bahamas for a day to perform as Mother Goose at a child’s birthday party. Christian “bachelor party” entertainer, “Molly Gwingold” attorney for the bride delivering the pre-nuptial agreement.
  6. 1988, 1989 Acting Choir for the Miami Christmas pageant as produced by the University Baptist Church in Coral Gables, Fl. Concert choir/acting choir member, Jewish dancer, “chorus” girl
  7. 1996-1999 Lake Area Singers, Melrose, Fl – Madrigal Quartet Singer, Mime for intermission entertainment. Cast as “Buttercup” in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta “HMS Pinafore”
  8. 1996- present Christian Motorcyclists Association- Sang at the Gator Nationals Easter Service (small service)
  • 1999 – Met and married Billy Bracewell/ Sang duets together at church we attended. Worked with a group of children and put on a children’s Christmas “skit” at two churches we attended. (Power Cathedral and Grace Community Fellowship)
  • 2001 – 2005 Regular Soloist for Grace Community Church. Volunteer Chaplain, Bradford County Jail Women’s Side 2004-2005 (sang, taught bible)
  • 2005-2007 Missionary , Red Bird Mission, Kentucky  Soloist at local churches. Sang  duets with Billy. (“tried” to play autoharp!)
  • 2008 Christian Artists Music Association. “Artist member” Performed at Blue Crab Festival, Welaka Community Fair, Palatka All Saints Anglican church Festival, Benefit.
  • concert for Food Bank. Recorded Via Dolorosa on a group CD.

New Book Realize

Sowing Seeds of Hope for Tomorrow

Sowing Seeds of Hope for Tomorrow gives the reader seven practical ways to repurpose and redefine your struggle with disability. You will finally reconnect genuinely at the moment and minimize feelings of loneliness. Each chapter concludes with questions and Bible references helpful for personal reflection or group study.