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Joanne's Story

In 1990, my son was born developmentally delayed. We were told he would “grow out of it” but I knew something was wrong. Throughout my son’s life, my concerns were essentially ignored by the Pediatrician. He was not evaluated appropriately until age 17 when we were told he was in the Autism spectrum, a condition called Pervasive Developmental Delay (PDD). They also said he had an auditory perceptual deficit. We had lost so much precious time, many lost opportunities to help correct his learning challenges and social skills so that he’d be able to live a normal life. It was by the grace of God that we gave him many opportunities to grow and develop his personality at his own pace. Boy Scouts, soccer, softball and church activities with mom’s close supervision and advocacy helped shape him to be the man he is today. I am so grateful that he has found his way in life and is able to live on his own with a little ‘help from his friends,” I want to be able to encourage you to press on in your role as advocate and caregiver for your child as well. Feel free to email me with questions and browse our ever developing resources.